What is the point of the assessment amount increase?

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@p style="text-align: left;"I'm no longer using it, i'm considering replacing it, I'm having trouble sorting out the relics...
do you have such a camera or lens?

Alps cameras are focusing on home delivery of used cameras and lenses. 。
home delivery is accepted from all over the country!

in our store

, not to mention a digital camera and a video camera,
classic camera and old lens are firmly seen in value.
also buy accessories such as finder adapters.
can be assessed even with junk and some difficult products.

Customers who are able to use home delivery purchases

"there are no stores nearby", "it is big and heavy and troublesome to bring to the store",
"I'm tired of auctions and flea market sites", "I'm considering trade-in", etc. I think it's various.

in the midst of this, it is the home delivery purchase that the demand is the highest in our store!

for the first time, if you do not know how to request a home delivery purchase, please refer to the point where the
assessment amount
will be up (*^^*
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Points to check at the time of purchase

H3 class="headLine3"> ><br> appearance</h3>
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  • There are no fall marks(dents, etc
  • the effect of the button
  • such as rust of the metal part
  • Optics (inside lens, viewfinder of camera body, etc.)

    • with srescratches
    • with out of kumoli balsam

    *Balsam and the lens are bonded with an adhesive called Balsam. It peels off by aging, causes discoloration, and becomes a spider. It is a symptom seen mainly in old lenses. This symptom is often caused in the finder such as leica M3.


    • >Check to see if it works properly.

    the problem such as the shutter cannot be cut is almost extremely damaged by the assessment amount.

    * Classic cameras are often rattled by shutters and other operations if they are not put out to maintenance once every few years.

    • The presence or absence of accessories may also have a significant impact on the assessment amount.

    if something essential to use, such as batteries and chargers, is missing, the amount of the assessment will be lowered.

    The point of the assessment amount increase is

    properly care for important cameras on a daily basis is the key to improving the amount of the assessment at the time of replacement or purchase.

    not to mention to be careful about the fall accident, the big enemy that greatly lowers the assessed amount is mold.

    the customer's products that "brought the things that were put in the closet without using" are moldy and spider-like, and The price is not .

    in order not to be like this, We will introduce the point of daily care.

    • Storage in a moisture-proof cabinet... there are many people who keep it in the closet, but this is strictly prohibited. To prevent mold from occurring, store dry material in a moisture-proof cabinet or dry box.

    • Span style="font-size: 12pt;"Overdrying can cause or promote balsam break, withering of lubricating oil, etc., so it is necessary to keep it at an appropriate humidity of 30-50%RH. In addition, ventilation is also important.

    • Span style="font-size: 12pt;> After taking a picture, skip the garbage with a blower or wipe it with cleaning paper or lens pen if you touch the lens surface. Proper care leads to increase disbursement.  

    I would like to actually request a home delivery purchase.

    to avoid trouble, we have issued an estimate in advance.

    Please be sure to contact us before shipping your


    * In the case of return, please bear the return postage.

    span style="font-size: 18pt;"↓ the purchase application is from here

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    Other ways to buy

    In addition to

    home delivery purchase, we also accept "over-the-counter purchase" and "business trip purchase".


    over-the-counter purchase

    Because it is a neighborhood

    , I want to bring it directly, want to cash immediately, and hope for trade-in exchange with the over-the-counter product.
    please bring it to the store by all means. please bring your
    *Depending on the congestion conditions, we will take some time to assess.

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    Business trip purchase

    business trip will be handled if you are within the area.
    too many products, large and heavy large and medium format, can not be taken to the store, i want to take it as a non-necessity at the time of the move the time of shipping ...

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