Second-hand purchase

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 Amity camera will be purchased more expensive than any other store in Japan.</h2>
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Do old cameras or lenses sleep at home?

The purchase of the
film camera has been strengthened not to mention the digital camera, the lens, and the video camera.

we also have a number of sales routes that meet the demand, so we will make a firm assessment of
classic cameras and old lenses
to meet the value.
accessories such as
finder, adapter, tripod, etc. will also be purchased and assessed.

old-fashioned cameras, or even moldy lenses
may be expensive. Please bring it with you once by all means!

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In addition to the of the purchase of the shop, we will also be able to purchase business trips the
of the
1 yen the home delivery purchase.

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    *li class="clearfix"> H4 class="k-merit-subhead" - Industry's highest-value assessment

have you ever been disappointed by the low price of the assessment of second-hand purchases? Please leave such a person to our store by all means. Because our store is an online sales specialty store, an extra expense can be done and an expensive assessment can be done.

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Provide a reliable quote

we will estimate the condition of the goods and the presence or absence of accessories. I shipped the item by the purchase limit amount and a high estimate, but it was greatly reduced in the actual assessment ... What a thing!

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Free shipping home delivery system

if you are satisfied with the

quote, just send out the goods after that! Shipping is OK with on-delivery. Please use a convenient carrier. Free packing kits are also available. Please feel free to let us know.

*li class="clearfix"> H4 class="k-merit-subhead" assessment and payment are also speedy

estimate will be reported within two business days after application, at the shortest time. Final assessment after shipment will also be reported within two business days after arrival. Payment of the purchase amount will be made within 24 hours after the purchase is approved!

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Case study of purchase

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  • CONTAX T3 (Beauty) -Compact Film Camera

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    assessment of a major camera store 70,000 yen

    font_x15 80,000 yen

  • LINHOF MASTER TECHNIKA 4X5 (None of the same products* no rangefinder) -large format camera

    Section class="clearfix"> Div class="k-sample-price">

    assessment of a major camera store font_x15 40,000 yen

    95,000 yen

  • Nikon AF Nikkor ED 300mm F4 (with mold in lens) -AF lens

    Section class="clearfix"> Div class="k-sample-price"> The assessment of the large camera store font_x15
    6,000 yen

    10,000 yen
    the assessment of our shop font_x15

  • Nikon AF-S NIKKOR 80-400mm F4.5-5.6G ED VR (original box set and beautiful)

    Section class="clearfix"> Div class="k-sample-price"> 110,000 yen
    the assessment font_x15 of a major camera store

    font_x15 130,000 yen
    130,000 yen

  • Canon EOS 7D (original box set and beautiful) -DSLR camera

    @section class="clearfix"> Div class="k-sample-price"> 18,000 yen
    the assessment font_x15 of a major camera store


    our assessment of our store,span class=font_x15 22,000 yen

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